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Susan Sings

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

I started watching American Idol about 6 years ago when I started working at Fox Boston.  I didn’t want to like it but I ended up loving it!

The show suits me.  I’m an amazing singer in the shower and car!  I was in middle school choir and I did community musicals as an adult.  I’ve secretly harbored this deep desire to sing the National Anthem in front of a gigantic crowd.  (Let it be known that the National Anthem is my favorite song and one of the most difficult songs to sing!)  I almost got the chance when I was working as a TV news anchor in Utica.

Hubby was friends with the owner of the now-defunct Mohawk Valley Prowlers, a UHL team.  I was set to sing on “Boy Scout” night which apparently was a big crowd.  I practiced.  I met with a music director (I should really find him and get an honest assessment of what he thought of my abilities).  And fortunately for all involved, I never did take the stage.  (The team closed down shop before my big night!)

I eventually left Utica to work in Boston and started watching American Idol.  I remember watching in horror when I realized all those people who thought they could sing were awful.  And right then and there I decided – I could have been one of those folks.  I actually believed my car/shower singing prowess translated into superstar material.  That’s when I swore off karaoke (though it was never really my thing) and reduced my public singing to the occasional “Happy Birthday” tune.  Even when the video game “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band” became popular with my niece and nephew – I always relegated myself to an instrument.

For Christmas this year my niece, Elyssa, got “Band Hero.”  She was super excited and really, really wanted me to play.  (And I love her dearly!)  Since my other nieces, Sarah and Grace, had already taken the drum and guitar, I was left with the microphone.

Apparently I was so loud, so horrendous, my nephew, LJ, came down to the basement with my camera to document the assault I was conducting on their auricular nerves.

(Friends, watch with cautions, it’s bad!)