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Guys with Guitars

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Let me just put this out there: guys with guitars are instantly cooler and hotter (if that’s possible) than your average guy.

While in Utica, NY this weekend visiting hubby’s family, we went and saw a friend of ours play at a local bar, The Devereux.  Now Ryan is a good looking, smart and fun guy, but the minute he started strumming his guitar and singing, it was as if he became a rock star in the eyes of all the girls in the bar (I freely admit I was one of them!).  Now mind you, we’re not talking a guy playing around a campfire, Ryan’s a real musician and he’s good.

It validated my theory, that you can take any average guy, give him a guitar, and he can instantly charm a girl.

Ryan’s girlfriend, Rachel, had a different and perhaps more accurate assessment; give any average guy a skill, that’s difficult and if he’s good at it, that’s what’s ultimately so attractive.

Despite my initial hesitation, because I so love guitar players, I would have to agree with Rachel.  An average guy who happens to also be an artist, carpenter, photographer, computer software designer or writer, instantly gets a few extra points on the super cool scale.  Hubby is the coolest, hottest guy I know, but instead of a guitar, he’s mastered the art of cooking.  And even Tom Brady, isn’t he just an average guy who’s a great quarterback, well maybe not, maybe he’s just hot.